Getting to know Exemplar’s OneCare services

Exemplar OneCare services are extended pathways of care, providing a home for those who have met rehabilitation goals and are looking to gradually return to life in the community.

OneCare services are specially adapted houses and flats, usually located next to or just a stone’s throw away from one of Exemplar’s 25 nurse-led care homes.

Working with commissioners, service users and families, we have developed a range of OneCare homes which allow new pathways into and out of the nursing home environment. OneCare services offer three different solutions, depending on the unique needs of an individual:

  • OneCare: Independence; an extended pathway of care for individuals on a rehabilitation journey
  • OneCare: Intermediate; a pathway into care for individuals with a progression condition, who will require increasing support
  • OneCare: Individual; a sole occupancy environment for people with conditions unsuited to communal living

OneCare includes the same level of care planning, assessments and outcome tracking used in our home units. Whether an individual requires 1:1 care during the day and night, or just occasional support from care and nursing staff – perhaps for medication or to access clinics – the support package provided is built around the individual and their needs.

OneCare services currently operate throughout Yorkshire and the Humber, the Midlands and the North West. For more information on our service, please contact our referrals team on 01709 565700 or email