Service user blog: Meet Lux

My name is Lux, I am 47 years old and living with MS. I was diagnosed with the condiditon in the final year of my degree.

When I first began to reliase I was having difficulties carrying out certain tasks, I visited my GP – my main complaint was having problems with walking. Thinking back, I remember having similar difficulties at school, but never knew what they were. One time at school I couldn’t use my right hand for three months and had days where I couldn’t pick up a pen. I was told it was me being nervous and given vitamin B. This was in my second year in high school. My hand eventually improved.

I came to Bridgewood Mews 3 and a half years ago, before that I lived at home with my family who were very helpful. I was a little put off about coming to Bridgewood Mews because my independence was important to me. My brother said I should come here for respite, and it was probably the best thing for me. I knew if I came I would not be going back home.

Staff made me very welcome. I got my bedroom painted and chose how I wanted it to be, it feels homely. I get to do the things I want to do here. I listen to music, have CDs, films and a Fire TV Stick. I like Al Pacino, Robert De Nero and Scarface. I love Bob Marley and the staff came with me to see One Love at the Theatre. It was fantastic, I loved when the audience got up and danced at the end of the performance. Staff here are caring, very helpful and very accommodating.

My life has been interesting so far, but obviously I would like it to get better. Now I am at Bridgewood, I am having a lot of fun, there are so many activities to do. This helps to make every day better, and keeps me going. I don’t like not having fun.

If there had been more awareness about MS, especially in the Asian community, it would have helped me and my family. I didn’t know much about my illness until it began happening to me.

The best thing since having my illness is, I find my memory is getting better.

What I would say to others coming to live here is you will be ok and you still have a life to live.