Focus on: Service user experience

At Exemplar Health Care, every part of everything we do has service users at the centre. We are committed to supporting, nurturing and encouraging people to live happy, fulfilled lives.

Our commitment to making every day better has led us to develop a Service User Engagement strategy which sets out in detail our commitment to continually improving.  We do this by working closely with individuals, their families, funders and clinicians to ensure that care planning and support plans reflect their preferences and work towards their personal goals. However – we know we can do more, and our focus on putting people at the heart of everything we do is at the forefront of our current activities.

This year, service users and their families will actively contribute to the strategic direction of Exemplar – by sharing their stories, ideas and feedback at Board and team meetings, during staff training and at induction. Individuals have much to gain from such participation and collaboration and we know that being part of such activity has improved people’s feelings of self-worth, citizenship and empowerment. Being part of service user engagement activities allows people to both develop and rediscover their personal skills and qualities – further supporting people to live the best life they can.

Leading on this work at Exemplar is Service User Experience Manager, Sophia Feurtado.

“Throughout my career in healthcare I began to realise that so often things had gone wrong because people had not been listened to. I realised that when we listened, included people and encouraged them to take part in decision making, our changes had an enormous impact.

I have witnessed time and again how moved people are when they hear an account directly from a service user – and how quickly we can make changes and improvements which make big differences to people’s lives.

The power of sharing experiences and personal stories cannot be underestimated. Everyone has a story to tell – and we want to hear it.”