Making A Difference Awards

As a company we like to recognise the good work our staff do and how they ‘Make a Difference’ to our service users lives. So we ran the Making A Difference Awards.

The aim of these awards is to recognise staff for their continuous hard work and dedication to our service users and highlight the positive impact we have on the lives of the people we care for.  It’s about celebrating ‘Making a Difference’.

There are six main categories that our staff can be nominated in – achievement, dedication, inspiration, motivation, excellence and nurturing. Congratulations to all our winners and to everyone who was nominated for an award.

We held the final awards in Sheffield at the beginning of July.


  • 1st- Katie Leonard (Dearnevale)
  • 2nd- Martin Ross (Pathways)
  • 3rd- Olga Palomares (Fairburn Mews)


  • 1st- Jade Carlisle (Meadowcroft)
  • 2nd- Matthew Watson (The Lodge)
  • 3rd- Stuart Safe (Bridgewood Mews)


  • 1st– Scarlett Connolly (Kavanagh Place)
  • 2nd– Emma Gurney (The Lodge)
  • 3rd– Rizwan Iqbal (Longley Park



  • 1st- Kollin O’Hare (Thames House)
  • 2nd- Amanda Melhuish (Havenmere)
  • 3rd- Claire Moorhouse (Fairburn Vale)


  • 1st – Ann Jones (Scotia Heights)
  • 2nd- Eileen Johnson ( Churchwalk)
  • 3rd- Keeley Nicholas (Meadowcroft)








  • 1st – Nicola Fitzpatrick ( Quarryfields)
  • 2nd – Glenys Gregory (Eastlands)
  • 3rd – Leonard Webster (Greenside Court)