Making a Difference Regional Awards

Exemplar’s Making A Difference Awards are designed to help celebrate all the amazing work the staff do every day to help improve the lives of our residents.

After a four-week nomination process, where each care home was asked to nominate a winner for each of the six categories the first regional parties were held across the country.

The six categories were:

Achievement– This award is for those staff that have reached either a career or personal goal, continuously working hard to meet their targets and are trying to improve both themselves and the service by achieving something.
Dedication – This award is for those staff that are continually showing commitment and drive to making a difference.
Excellence – This award is for those staff who excel in their duties and are driven to be the best that they can be. They could also just be excellent at what they do.
Motivation – This award is for those staff who can encourage people to do more than they thought they could. They know what it takes and how to get there and will work with somebody to reach their goals no matter what those goals are.
Nurturing– This is for those staff that are always there for you. They will push you to be the best you can be as well as knowing when to allow you time to process things and develop yourself.

Communications Assistant Kate Warman said: ” All the events were amazing. It was great to see all the staff having a good time and supporting each other. I can’t wait for the group event.”

The winners will then be invited to the group awards at  Sheffield City Hall in July to find out who the final six winners are.