Parksides lunch with the Mayor

Staff in our homes often invite local Mayors  to their parties and events, last week staff at Parkside received an invite for two residents and the activities staff to have lunch at ‘the big house’ in Sandwell, which is where the Mayor of Sandwell does all her official duties.

They had lunch with the Mayor and her deputy and had a tour of the house with her serjeant in arms Kennedy. They also got to wear the Mayoral Robe and Chains and hold the Mace of Tipton.

At the end of the day, the residents were presented with a glass vase engraved with the crest of Sandwell and had photographs taken with the mayor and deputy.

Home Manager Naomi Jones said:”Both residents said how much they enjoyed it and that they felt really special. We have also been welcomed back again with some different service users anytime we want.”

Social events as well as taking part in regular activities help people develop their independence and give them a sense of their old day- to – day lives. We offer individual and group activities within our homes, in the local community, or further afield.

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