Summer fun in Exemplar’s residential care homes

Summer is fast approaching so staff and residents at Exemplar’s residential care homes are getting ready to take part in activities from going on holiday at disabled access adventure parks to BBQ’s and trips to the park for a picnic.

Social events as well as taking part in regular activities help people develop their independence and give them a sense of their old day- to – day lives. We offer individual and group activities within our homes, in the local community, or further afield.

All our activities are designed to help meet the individual’s goals and whether it’s a day trip to a local town or a planned holiday of their dreams.

Past holidays have included trips to Center Parks, adventure holidays with access for people with physical disabilities, trips to the seaside for a paddle and fish and chip dinner and days out shopping at Meadowhall.

At Exemplar, we believe our residents should have the same experiences as everyone else, so our activities team make his happen. Each home does their fundraising for activities within the home. For example, Dearnevale, Barnsley have hired and stationary bike and are taking it in turns to cycle from their home to Buckingham Palace.

All of our residents have a personalised care plan which includes activities. Our staff make sure the activities the residents take part in are not only fun but also help them in their recovery or development. In some cases, these also include participating in school or and ASDAN class to help them develop their skills.

Every home also holds an annual summer party or fate which all of the residents are invited to attend along with their friends and families.

To see more of the activities at your local home either visit our past blogs or contact the care home directly you can find their numbers in the regions section. Alternatively, email