Our Heroes

Staff at Willowbeck were thanked publicly for all their hard work when a relative of one of their former residents rang BBC Radio Sheffield as part of their unsung heroes segment.

Ian Downing told the story of his wife, who was admitted into Willowbeck with Symantec dementia five and a half years ago.

She had lost the ability to recognise people and communicate verbally.  His wife stayed in Willowbeck’s care until her death in November 2015. Listen to the clip here:


Willowbeck BBC Sheffield Interview

Ian said he was in awe of our staff  and how learnt how his wife was feeling by monitoring her behaviour. He said:“ They are heroes, the way they look after people and understand these problems.”

All our staff are trained to spend time with residents and to understand their attitudes which help them to create personal care and development plan. This ensures all our residents receive the care and support they need.

Willowbeck staff worked with Ian to help him understand his wife’s condition.

All Exemplar homes have an open door policy, that means family and friends can visit any time that it suitable for them and their loved one, because of this Ian was able to visit his wife twice a week. Ian said, “You can’t throw away 50 years of marriage  saying they don’t know you anymore.”

Well done Willowbeck!



To listen to the full programme http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p03cm82p