Carol’s Green Fingers

All of our residents are encouraged to pursue or find new hobbies whilst they are in our care. From baking or even boxing.

At Pathways, they encourage all their residents to take part in household tasks such as the cooking or in Carol’s case the gardening.

Home manager Yvonne Callingham said “One of our service users Carol has been helping Dawn one of our skills and Richard our maintenance man to grow our own vegetables. “

They dedicated time throughout the year to water their crops and tend to their needs. The vegetable garden is used to provide food for other resident’s meals.

Apparently their life skills co-ordinator Dawn Corby had forgotten that carrots need to be planted in toilet roll tubes to grow straight. However, Yvonne said:”The results were delicious although a bit misshapen. “

Our homes offer our residents a wide range of activities- come and have a look at what we offer.