The Great Dearnevale Cake Off

It’s not just our residents who like to get involved in activities- our staff get involved to!

The staff teams at Dearnevale often go head to head in different challenges. So far this summer they have competed to create the tallest tower out of cardboard tubes, made trains out of food and even taken part in a bush tucker trail.

This time instead of eating bugs they ate cake. The contest was based off of one the most popular shows on television The Great British Bake Off.

The staff could bake anything they wished from bread to pies. The contest was judged by Kate Warman and Charlotte Callingham (communications assistants at Ferham House.)

Charlotte Callingham said all the creations looked amazing. “You could really see how much hard work had gone into them.”

The awards were given for the tastiest bake, the prettiest bake and their was an overall winner.

Here are the winners

The tastiest bake

The winner is the carrot cake. Charlotte Callingham said: “I don’t usually like carrot cake but this was amazing.”

The prettiest bake

The rainbow cake won the best appearance title after everyone was awestruck when it was cut open. Kate Warman said ” It was a close call but everyone was shocked when this was cut open.”

The Overall Winner

The steak and ale pie with homemade bread was the days overall winner.