Running for a cure

Social worker David Wright is running the Great North Run with his wife Sally on the 13th of September 2015 to raise money for Huntingons Disease Association.

Huntingtons Disease is currently an incurable genetic disorder, the child of an affected person typically has a 50% chance of inheriting the gene.

Sally Blackett, Dave Wright, Vicki Johnson & Andrew Fowler will be taking part in the Great North Run in memory of Sally’s brother and father.

Sally and her brother Fraser were young when their Father was diagnosed with the disease. He died prematurely as a result of the disease.

Fraser was also diagnosed with Huntington’s Disease at the age of just 34 years old, his symptoms progressed. In 2009 at just 36 years old, he passed away.

David said that Sally made the brave decision to have the predictive test to plan for the future of her son Evan in 2014.

“Thankfully when Sally underwent the test it was negative and means her beautiful young son, as wells as Sally,  will be able to lead their lives without the anxiety /fear of the symptoms and effects of this devastating disease”.

David said “We have been fortunate to secure places through the Huntington’s Disease Association for the Great North Run and would be really grateful for your support to help us achieve our goal, not only to raise funds and  awareness but also to remember our brother and friend Fraser. We anticipate that this will be emotionally challenging, please help us to make it worth it !”

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