Quarryfields bag success



Service Users from Quarryfields took a trip to BIDBI (Bag It Don’t Bin It) see how the  bags they designed  are made.

The group have been taking part in an ASDAN class. One of their modules involved them  taking part in a mini enterprise project.

For this they had to:-

· Plan the project

· Engage in several activities to create the project and move it forward.

The learners looked at:

· Why people buy things

· How companies make choices when selling products.

· How to raise money for an event or a specific idea.

They decided that creating a tote bag would be the best idea to raise money for their activities team.

The group held a design the bag competition. The winning design by Lewis was voted for by staff at Quarryfields and Ferham House.

The next step was to get a loan to buy the materials and learn about paying it back. So everyone wrote to Communications Director Tracy Clarkson to ask her if they could borrow the money.

Tracy wrote back and visited the group to arrange a business meeting. She said: “When I went to meet them I felt like the queen, as the service users had baked cakes for after our business meeting, which included everyone being involved in a wonderful presentation, showcasing the work that had gone into their business venture. “

Tracy gave them a no interest loan to help them start their business enterprise.

After they received the funding the group took a trip to BIDBI to see how their bags would be made. BIDBI wrote on their blog: “The group from Exemplar tested our product and business knowledge on Thursday with loads of inquisitive questions. Each client had the chance to print their own bag too – proving they are just as good at making their bags as selling their bags.”

Service User Ronald Goldsmith thought the bags were very well made. ” I enjoyed making the bag to give to my mum.”

Fellow Service User Keith Millin really enjoyed watching the bags being made and asking questions about how they were made. ” I would also like to thank Heather for organising this.”

The bags were taken and sold for £3 at the RCN Congress in Bournemouth. Tracy said: “It’s a great pleasure being involved in this project and I am looking forward to selling my quota of bags at the RCN Congress in Bournemouth.”

Once all the bags are sold the money will be put towards a day trip out. The trip will be a great chance for everybody involved to celebrate the success and will be a nice relaxing break after all of the hard work.

If you would like to buy one of the bags they are currently on sale and can be purchased by contacting Quarryfields on 01302 850750 or email quarryfields@exemplarhc.com.

If you want to read BIDI’s blog about the trip click here.