Bridgewood Mews – Sensory Garden

Bridgewood Mews have been working very hard to get their garden ready for the Great British summer and have recently installed all new features to make the area into a sensory garden for staff and residents to enjoy with all their senses in the coming summer.

The garden has been developed to involve all of the senses.
Sight – The gardens hint of colour and interesting shaped and patterned paving slabs.
Sound – The water from the water feature will give a relaxing natural spring noise.
Smell – The plants will give of a subtle relaxing smell.
Touch – All features in the garden have been designed so that they are safe for service users to feel whilst enjoying the environment.
Taste – Obviously there is nothing the garden itself that can be eaten, however the picturesque picnics and outdoor family parties will bring with them all the great tastes the kitchen can create.

Now all is needed is some nice weather to enjoy it with!