Stephen’s Surprise

The Glades is a very traditional country manor style home and as part of the décor the home likes to try and maintain this shabby-chic style so are always on the lookout for furniture that will work alongside what they already have. As part of this the home recently received a piano through donation. Although the piano was not that much to look at it was in full working order and the staff and service users in the home thought they could give it a bit of TLC to get it to match any other shabby-chic furniture in the home.

A couple of days later all staff and service users were in the dining room/ kitchen when, to the surprise of everybody, someone began playing the piano very well and with tunes everybody knew and loved. Everybody hurried to see who it was playing so well. To the amazement of all it was Stephen Walker a service user living in the home. Stephen had never mentioned to anybody that he knew how to play the piano, never mind the fact that he could play it so well.

Stephen and all staff at the home were very proud of his performance, with there was an irruption of praise and a round of applause when he finished.

Now that the team at The Glades are aware of not only Stephen’s talent at playing the piano, but also his desire to do so they are encouraging him to play whenever he wants and it is now a regular occurrence. The staff at the home are amazed and so happy to have been part of this magical coincidence, that has helped give Stephen a great pass time.