Exemplar Buzz Wire

Exemplar Health Care have recently held an internal competition to design a buzz wire to be used at exhibitions and within all homes in the group for events and parties.

The winners of this competition were:

The Glades – The glades design was very bright and centred around the words that staff and service users think best describe ALL Exemplar Health Care homes, the wire was shaped in the wording of CARE.

Meadowcroft and Parkside – Both of these homes used the outline shape of the Exemplar Health Care logo as the wire shape.

The judging for this competition was carried out by the operations managers team, and it was decided that the base should be taken from The Glades design and the wire shape should be taken from the Meadowcroft and Parkside deigns.

The Final Design!

A massive thank you was well deserved for everybody that entered; which included:

Quarryfields – Designed a flower shaped wire, with the explanation that “We nurture our service users and staff so that they grow and flourish”.

Bridgewood – Bridgewood went that step further and actually made their own buzz wire for staff and service users to enjoy within the home. The design as decorated with exemplar coloured sparkling hearts.

Havenmere – Havenmere sent 3 entries to the competition, the first of which was designed by Peter Malley (Service user) and the wire was shaped in a heart with lots of bends and twists for people to navigate. The second design was submitted by Amanda Smith (Service User) and the wire was shaped in the word LUV (Love) for the love that is shown to service users. Finally the third design was submitted by the activities team and the wire was shaped in the form of 2 people with a heart between them… with the explanation “together”.

Willowbeck – Willowbeck also submitted more than one design, the first of which was a very detailed optical illusion that had both a profile and front on outline of a head and face. 2 more designs were in the shape of hands and the final 2 were random shapes with spikes, spirals and twists.

Ferham House Staff – The finance and training team here at Ferham house also submitted entries both with the same design, for the wire to be formed in the shape of the wording EHC (Exemplar Health Care).