The Making a Difference Awards 2014

Exemplar Health Care has recently held own very first ‘Making a Difference Awards’.

These awards were developed to allow everybody who has contact with the homes, works in the homes or lives in the homes, the chance to say thank you to those staff that they deem deserving of an award.

Awards were presented for Achievement, Dedication, Excellence, Inspiration, Innovation and Nurturing at both home level and also company wide.

Each home recognised the people nominated for all categories at an in house awards evening, where they also announced the winners of these awards. These winners were then invited to attend a special recognition evening, where “special recognition awards” were given to 6 people who were considered by the judging panel to have overall made the biggest difference within their home and Exemplar as a whole.

Please click the following links to see the winners of the 6 categories:

The special recognition evening and the awards as a whole were a great success and a shining example of the amazing staff working within all exemplar homes.

Euan Craig (Managing Director), said at the awards “We all have difficult and challenging days but you should always remember that despite those days what we are doing is incredibly worthwhile.  We enhance the quality of other people’s lives by our actions.  The dictionary definition of “Exemplar” is “an excellent model” and I believe that is what we are and what we continue to strive for, to lead by example for all others to follow.  I have often heard people say when asked that they are “just a carer” or “just part of the life-skills team”, I never want to hear that because I feel it is an incredible disservice to yourselves, everyone should be incredibly proud of what we do”.

Congratulations to everybody who not only won an award, but also to all that were nominated for the hard work they do every day.