Nurturing Award 2014

The winner for the Nurturing Award at the 2014 ‘Making a Difference Awards’ was…

Len Webster
Greenside Court (Rotherham)

Leonard is an absolute true gent and does so much for Greenside. I do not think he is aware himself how much support and encouragement he gives to other staff members. He has taken many staff ‘under his wing’ and supported them throughout and ensures they understand aspects of the role and staff are always happy to approach him for anything as they have so much confidence and respect for him. There is no more a deserving winner than Len and he should win this category ‘hands down’.

Len received a huge number of nominations all with some fantastic comments including, “Nothing is ever too much trouble“, “He is constantly there to help others especially through training” and “A brilliant support that we all can rely on“.

The award was presented to Len by Tracy Clarkson (Communication Director) and Euan Craig (Managing Director).