Inspiration Award 2014

The winner for the Inspiration Award at the 2014 ‘Making a Difference Awards’ was…

Karen Richards

Bridgewood Mews (Tipton)

Unfortunately Karen could not make the awards ceremony. The award was presented to Steven King, the Home Manager from Bridgewood on behalf of Karen.

Since being diagnosed with bowel cancer almost 2 years ago, Karen has remained a presence in the home through phone calls, gifts, donations and well wishes to staff and residents alike. She has never forgotten the home and those living with us and has been one of the very few people to recognise other staffs achievements whilst she has been sick.

She recently informed me that she has now beat her battle with cancer but does not know whether the longer term effects will allow her to return to work. Karen never gave up her fight and always thought of Bridgewood Mews during these hardest of times. She has been an inspiration to many of us and her many nominations reflected this.

Before the awards ceremony Karen was informed that she had won the award, Karen asked for the following statement to be read out in her absence.

I would like to thank everyone at Bridgewood Mews and Exemplar Health Care for recognising me in this category of the Make A Difference Award.  I was very surprised to hear that I had won the award for Bridgewood Mews and even more so when Steven King informed me that I had won the award for the whole company.

I was talking to a friend last week, who is a Registered Mental Health Nurse and still works in the NHS, and telling her how much effort Exemplar Health Care puts into supporting and recognising the work of their staff.  She joked that you certainly do not receive that kind of encouragement in the NHS and neither of us could think of any other organisations we have worked for who operate in a similar way to Exemplar Health Care.  So Exemplar Health Care consider yourself recognised too!

On a more personal level I would like to thank Steve, Lorraine, Aimee and the staff team at Bridgewood Mews for their support, encouragement, kind words and flowers.  They have been an unexpected but very welcome pleasure during my diagnosis and treatment.

Once again thank you very, very much for this award.  I hope you all have a wonderful evening and that whoever has done the rotas has given you the weekend off!

The award was present to Steven by Zoe Steventon (Operations Manager) and Trudy Duke (HR and Training Director).