Innovation Award 2014

The winner for the Innovation Award at the 2014 ‘Making a Difference Awards’ was…

Karl West
Willowbeck (Sheffield)

Karl has been employed by Willowbeck since 2004 initially as a care assistant and currently in an Activities co coordinator position. Karl is passionate and driven with regards to his role as an activities coordinator. He has been involved in the planning and execution of last year’s Pantomime as well as numerous great themed days and trips.

Most recently Karl created a DVD for mental health awareness week which was excellent and watched by all the staff and service users as well as being sent to Ferham House to promote the awareness of mental health issue.

Karl was nominated by numerous colleagues as well as external nominations highlighting his unique ideas and approach that meant every service user within the home had a greater quality of life through their individualised activities.

The award was presented to Karl by Diane Eden (Operations Manager) and Lisa Thomas (Clinical Director).