Excellence Award 2014

The winner for the Excellence Award at the 2014 ‘Making a Difference Awards’ was…

Adele Hunton
Dearnevale (Barnsley)

Adele received many nominations but her spirit was captured perfectly by a letter her daughter sent into us to back up her nomination, please see the letter below:

I would like to nominate my mum, Adele Hunton.  She has worked at Dearnevale since 2006 and has dedicated her life to her job as a Senior Skills Co-ordinator.  When she is not at work she spends her time with her sister who suffers with MS, she supports her sister and her four young children who she also adores.

Adele has also helped keep 30-40 young children off the streets 2 nights a week by running an amateur drama group RAPAG that puts on 2 shows a year, a summer musical and a family pantomime.  Besides this she is a fantastic Wife, Mum, Friend, Auntie and Jack of all trades.  She brings a smile to anyone’s face.

I really do not know how she does it but I am proud to say she is my mum because she is one in a million! She loves her job at Dearnevale because it is a new and different adventure every day.  One amazing gift that she has is fundraising.  She is grateful for all the support she gets from Colleagues, Family and Friends.  I truly believe that my mum deserves to be recognised for her hard work and all the commitment she gives to Dearnevale.  When she is at home she is always thinking about work.  She makes me and my dad laugh at home because the dining room belongs to Dearnevale.  It always has fundraising prizes on it and plans and ideas for a bigger and better fundraising fair.

Adele Hunton, my mum, is a true inspiration to her family and everyone who knows her.  I adore and love my mum for who she is and if I turn out anything like her I will be happy and know I am doing good because that’s what she does.  She puts everyone before herself and I just want her to be recognised for what she does because in my eyes she is a Superwoman!

Thanks for having the time to read this about my mum, Adele Hunton.  I hope you keep her in great consideration as she means a lot to everyone who knows her and you know how committed she really is to her job.  I hope she is nominated as I already know she is a star and a bright one at that.

The award was presented to Adele by Amanda Lighton (Operations Manager) and David Rowe-Bewick (Financial Director).