The Lodge – Mental Health Awareness Week 2014

The Exemplar group hold an annual competition in line with the National Mental Health Awareness Week, in which all homes are challenged to hold the most unique event to promote awareness of mental health conditions and the effect they can have on somebodies life.

In order to meet this challenge staff and residents at the lodge held a 3 day program of events all designed to help raise awareness of mental health conditions such as this years focus “anxiety”.

The schedule for the week was:
Monday 12th May – The homes staff and residents took part in a walk around the village in fancy dress. This walk also included handing out information leaflets about anxiety and selling buns to raise money for the homes activity funds.

Wednesday 14th May – Karaoke and buffet night all staff and families and of course residents were invited to take part.

Friday 16th May – Pub style quiz within the home with drinks and nibbles.

The events of the week were enjoyed by all that attended and although the walk got rained off by a thunder storm, the home still managed to raise £82, along with helping raise the level of knowledge about anxiety within the local community.