MS Support Website

Resident Lakbir Pamma at Bridgewood Mews has created a website which he is extremely passionate about. The website has been created as a place of support and reference for people with MS and others associated with it.

We asked Lakbir about the website and he said “Thisability works is a website for disabilties. I have used Thisability rather than disability because I want to focus on the ability that we all have. As an MS sufferer I do not believe I should be treated as unable. TAWKMS will focus on multiple sclerosis and how it effects sufferers good or bad. TAWKMS is pronounced talk because I want audio input.
The MS may produce ataxia which means it may be difficult to use the keyboard for example. Setting up this website I am hoping to raise funds to acquire a property which will be used as a drop in centre for MS sufferers and all people associated with MS. Please get involved and use this website by submitting experiences and stories about MS and how it affects yourself and others around you.”

If you would like to visit the website please go to