Hydration and Nutrition Week

This year Exemplar has held a Hydration and Nutrition Competition, which was a great success with lots of homes taking part.  

All homes that entered into this competition did a fantastic job of raising awareness of Hydration and Nutrition. Due to this being a competition a group of winners had to be decided and the amount of entries made the judging process extremely difficult.

The winners of this competition were:

3rd place –  Willowbeck – Willowbeck held a full week of activities including a cocktail evening, quizzes, a tea party and a film night.


2nd place –  Thames House

Thames House transformed the home into a tropical paradise for “totally tropical” day. Everyone wore fancy dress and there was even an 8 foot handmade palm tree along with a whole wall made into a sunset backdrop.


1st place (joint)  –  Loxley Court

Loxley Court held a Mat Hatters Tea Party completed with all the characters from the well know story. Heart shaped sandwiches were made and the array of drink on offer was spectacular.


1st place (joint) – Havenmere

Havenmere transformed the home into a cruise ship and each room had a destination that the home visited and enjoyed the local drinks and food. Destinations included France, Hawaii, Australia, China and many more.


Well done to all of the homes that took part and helped raise awareness of benefit of staying hydrated.