Tony’s successful transition to Fairwinds OneCare service

20 March 2019

Tony Fairwinds

When Tony moved to our specialist care home in Rotherham, Fairwinds, he isolated himself and didn’t engage in social situations, however, thanks to the dedicated care and support from the home, he now lives at the home’s OneCare Pathway service.

Tony moved to Fairwinds four years ago, after his previous independent living situation broke down. After making great progress, Tony has made a positive transition to independent living and has moved to the home’s OneCare service.

Tony’s new home is a part of Exemplar Health Care’s OneCare pathway – community houses that are situated nearby the main home and are designed for people who are ready for a more independent style of living, but still require specialist nursing care.

The OneCare services are completely tailor-made for the individual, allowing people to live in an environment that not only suits their needs, but where they can receive a high-level of specialist care. Each service has its own fully furnished kitchen, bedroom, bathroom and lounge area, offering residents a home from home environment.

Tracy Cook, Clinical Nurse Manager at Fairwinds, said: “When Tony first came to live with us at Fairwinds, he isolated himself and was very reluctant to engage with staff and other residents, and today he is unrecognisable from the man we first met.

“It has been a gradual process, and started when Tony began to want to come out of his room more often and address staff by their names, then one day, he asked if he could go to the local shop without a member of staff to escort him.  We made this happen for him and this was a huge step for Tony.

“Following this, his mood and sense of achievement blossomed and his unescorted trips began to extend further out to neighbouring Doncaster and Sheffield, this was huge progress for Tony on his journey back to independence.

“We also encouraged him to cook his own meals, which is something he didn’t want to do before. We began incorporating it into his routine once a week, and this eventually became common practice.

“Tony had come such a long way, we knew that our OneCare service would suit his needs better and help him further in his personal development. We all helped to move his belongings into his new home.

“Tony has never looked back. He tells staff how settled he is in his new home when he comes over to visit us all. He continues to go out on his own, does his own food shopping and now cooks beautiful meals inspired by his mother’s cooking and contacts her for recipes.

“He has specialist support in his house from the Fairwinds team, which makes him feel confident. His mum is overwhelmed by his progress, she never thought she would see him thriving as much as he is now and we at Fairwinds are blown away by his transformation, we are all so proud – what a success!”

Tony said: “I love it here, I am so settled, and staff say they are so proud of me, well I am too!” 

For more information about Exemplar Health Care’s OneCare Pathway service, click here.