To help vulnerable during pandemic, Neville Court donates to local food bank

13 November 2020

Neville Court food bank Exemplar Health Care

With many people in the community finding it tough getting food and essentials during lockdown, our Neville Court home in Barnsley has sprung to action.

To help out, the home, located in the South Yorkshire town’s Kendray suburb, this week donated non-perishable groceries and toiletries to the town’s Gift of the People food bank.

The home’s 90-strong Care Team all chipped in to provide essentials. The Activities Team made a cheery festive snowman-shaped bag to put the donated items in. There were so many donations that they also filled up several boxes, too.

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Community spirit: Alex Forrest, who runs the Gift of the People food bank in Barnsley, poses with Kath Winder, Lead Activities Coordinator at Neville Court, by some of the donated food and toiletries.

“We're trying to build community spirit,” says Kath Winder, Lead Activities Coordinator at Neville Court.

“The area around where our home’s based has been addled by a Coronavirus outbreak, and lots of people have been furloughed and lost their jobs due to the crisis, so we're just helping out when we can.”

Soon, as the Christmas season begins, Neville Court is also planning on doing some festive activities in the local community.

The items were donated to Gift of the People, which was set up during the first lockdown in March this year.

“In those four months, we supported so many people and pulled everyone in our town together,” says Alex Forrest, who leads a team of seven other volunteers – most of them drivers – to distribute the support packages.

Then, when further restrictions hit in recent weeks, Alex started up the food bank once again.

“The items that Neville Court donated were quite extensive,” adds Alex. “It’s just what we need.”

About Neville Court

Located in Kendray, Barnsley, Neville Court is home to 19 adults who live with complex needs, including dementia, mental health conditions, and physical disabilities. Neville Court is run by Exemplar Health Care.

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