Service User Blog: Michelle, Scotia Memory Garden

24 April 2019

Michelle Scotia Memory Garden

Michelle, lives at our specialist care home in Stoke-on-Trent, Scotia Heights and has put together a blog about a brand new memory garden she has set up, with the help and guidance from Exemplar Health Care’s Service User Engagement Manager Sophia Feurtado, in the home’s garden. Read more about Michelle’s story below: 

Scotia Memory Garden

“When I moved to my new bedroom and looked out of the window, I saw this tree and thought I would like to put my husband’s memorial there.

This got me thinking about the people who have lost loved ones and I thought this space would be good for a memorial garden. I spoke to Sophia about it and we put together a plan of what we wanted in the garden.

We also talked to residents and staff, then I asked for some money to start it off. We had fun dressing our tree with solar lights, wind chimes and lanterns. I have placed mementos of my husband. I buy something special each time on his birthday and our wedding anniversary and other occasions.

We have also placed memories of John who lived in our home and recently passed. The staff and residents put together memories of him and Linda made his memory plaque and placed his teddy inside.

Next we will purchase a solar water feature and Sophia will get some sensory herbs to start is off. We will also be getting raised beds so people in wheelchairs can tend the garden easily. It will be a place to relax and reflect and remember those we love.”