Paul Anthony’s rehabilitation story for Action for Brain Injury Week

11 May 2020

Picture of Paul Anthony, resident at Dearnevale

This week is Action for Brain Injury Week*, when we raise awareness of the effects that a brain injury can have on people’s lives. In honour of this week, Paul Anthony, one of our residents, shares his rehabilitation journey following a brain injury six years ago. 

Paul Anthony (aka PA) moved into our Dearnevale care home in Barnsley following a brain injury, and, with the support of the care team at Dearnevale, now enjoys home visits, shopping trips for his favourite beer and challenging colleagues to a game of Dominoes. 
PA attributes a big part of his rehabilitation and recovery to his wonderful support team: “Over the last six years, I feel like my life has improved significantly - my behaviour has changed, my anger outbursts are now under control and I appreciate everything that everyone does for me.”

Our approach to care means that PA is still able, and actively encouraged to, continue to do the things that he loves. 

“I used to like playing football before my brain injury, and now I enjoy following Leeds United, which the team helps me to do. I also love going on home visits and spending time with my family. The staff support me in many different ways, from assisting me with personal hygiene to walking to the shops for my favourite beer. They listen to me when I need to off load and are there to play Dominoes when I ask. I am happy here as it is the next best thing to home.” 

Over the next 12 months PA would like to gain more stability to be able to move into supported living, and his long term goal is to be able to walk independently – and our care team is excited to go on this journey with him. 

Helen McGowan, Home Manager at Dearnevale, has been alongside PA at every step of his recovery and shares: “It’s been amazing to watch PA over the past six years. To see someone begin to recover from a brain injury and gain back their independence is just wonderful and extremely rewarding. At Dearnevale, everything that we do is focused on the individual, and when we see someone achieve their goals, there’s no better feeling.” 

*Unfortunately, Headway, the leading brain injury charity who organised the week, decided to postpone Action for Brain Injury Week due to Coronavirus (COVID-19) last minute, but we wanted to share this story in recognition of the awareness week.  

Brain injury care at Exemplar Health Care 

At Exemplar Health Care, our homes offer a truly supportive rehabilitation environment which focuses on restoring people’s independence and developing functional skills after a brain injury. 
Brain injuries can affect people in different ways – more serious injuries are likely to have complex long-term effects on someone’s personality, behaviours, relationships and everyday living skills. That’s why our approach to rehabilitation is truly person-centred – we work with people and their loved ones, across multi-disciplinary teams, to understand their needs and co-design a care plan to help them to achieve their goals.  

We know the important role that family and friends play in people’s rehabilitation journey, which is why our community-based homes allow people to live closer to their loved ones in a comfortable environment that’s built for recovery and rehabilitation. 

Make a referral 

Read more about how our homes can support people who have experienced a brain injury here. 

If you want to speak to someone about making a referral to one of our homes, please contact our friendly Referrals Team on 01709 565777 or email

Careers at Exemplar Health Care

If you or someone you know is interested in working with people who’ve experienced a brain injury, Exemplar Health Care offers a range of rewarding careers. Find out more about your career options and vacancies here.