Making every day better at Lakeview

4 February 2019


Described as, ‘a beautiful, specialist home that puts people’s care needs first’, by Regional Director of Operations and Registered Manager Carla Middleton, Lakeview in Leigh, has immediate bed availability and is open for referrals.

Providing specialist care for some of the community’s most vulnerable people, Lakeview specialises in caring for people living with neuro-disabilitiesbrain injury and strokemental health conditions and dementia.

Led by Carla Middleton, Lakeview’s care team and nurses are dedicated to providing high-quality care for their service users and are committed to delivering completely person-centred support with tailored care packages to suit individual needs.

Carla brings a wealth of experience to the role at Lakeview, and with a long history of nursing, managing and commissioning homes, is the perfect fit at the home. Committed to delivering, high-quality care to everyone she cares for, Carla said: “Lakeview is not only a beautiful home to live and work in, but it is a home that is committed to making every day better for our residents and always working to ensure that each and every person that lives here is receiving the best possible care.

“We work with our service user’s family and friends to ensure that all of our care plans are tailored to the individual, are continually assessed, and are always working towards goals and ambitions.

“Since opening last summer, Lakeview has already made a difference to people’s lives and we now want to extend that care to even more people to benefit from our support.”

Consultant psychiatrist, Dr Peter Marshall, joined the Lakeview team in the autumn. Peter, who runs a weekly clinic at the home, specialises in the treatment and recovery of severe and treatment-resistant mental illness. He works with Exemplar Health Care’s clinical teams and provides specialist support for residents who live with mental health conditions.

Care at Lakeview – personal stories

Seven months since Lakeview opened for residents, the care team has seen people reach and exceed their personal goals, thanks to the home’s outcome-focused approach.

When Patricia, who lives with severe anxiety and depression, moved to Lakeview in October after being in hospital for over a year, she was very isolated and withdrawn. With patient, specialist care from the Lakeview team, Patricia now talks to people in the lounge and dining areas, goes out for a coffee with the activities team and is becoming very sociable.

Because of a fear of water, before coming to Lakeview, Patricia hadn’t had a bath for six years. With the assistance and trust that built with her care team, she now regularly bathes and has conquered her previous fears.

One of Lakeview’s first service users, Sylvia, has made huge progress over the last months. Sylvia lives with a brain injury and has bi polar, and on arrival displayed challenging behaviour and was

unable to mobilise, requiring the support of 2-3 team members and use of a hoist to mobilise. Sylvia is now transformed – requiring the support of just one care assistant, she is walking independently with the use of her walking aid. Seven months later, Sylvia regularly goes out to the local shops, enjoys socialising with others and takes part in activities at Lakeview.

Find out more

Lakeview is committed to providing high-quality, specialist nurse-led care to as many people as possible, and referrals to the service are now open. Could Lakeview be home to a service user you support?

We’d love to welcome to you Lakeview in person to see the home for yourself – please get in touch using the details below.  If you can’t make it, follow the link below to see a video and images of the home, plus further details about the staff team.

Take a look at some fantastic photos and videos of Lakeview and more information about the home below:

To enquire about a placement or find out more about the care provided at Lakeview, contact the referrals team on or call 01709 565 777.