Havenmere rated Good by CQC regulators

9 April 2019


Exemplar Health Care’s specialist nursing home in Immingham, Havenmere, has been rated Good in all areas by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) who highlighted the home’s commitment to promoting people’s independence and rehabilitation, dedication to delivering care in a positive environment and the home’s high-quality care and support.

Havenmere, a specialist care home that provides care for 38 younger adults who live with very complex disabilities, was praised for respecting people’s choices and privacy, meeting residents’ diverse needs and for providing an open, family environment for people to call their home.

One family member told the regulators: “When my loved one became ill we went through a very difficult and emotional time.

“Staff at Havenmere take a genuine interest in the lives of people living there and of their families.

“Havenmere were enormously attentive to both our physical and emotional needs, which provided us with peace of mind.”

The report particularly highlighted the home for their positive links with the community, the way the home involves family members in the care planning process and acknowledged the home’s caring, kind and compassionate team members.

Euan Craig, Chief Executive at Exemplar Health Care, said: “I am delighted that the CQC has recognised Havenmere for their dedication in delivering excellent care, in a safe, well-led and caring environment.

“The home has shown an incredible commitment to providing the very best, specialist care for some of the most vulnerable people in Immingham, and I am so pleased this has been recognised as I know how hard the Havenmere teamwork, every day, to provide the best possible care.

“The whole team work hard to not only deliver care and support to the people who live at Havenmere, but the team go above and beyond to ensuring residents are able to reach their goals and aspirations, and I am delighted that the CQC have highlighted this.”

“The report is a fantastic testament to the whole Havenmere team – well done to you all.”

Diane Howden, Home Manager at Havenmere, said: “I am so proud of the Havenmere team every day, but to be recognised as Good in all areas by the CQC is fantastic.

“The report rightly highlights our home as a caring environment for people to live a fulfilled life and it also picks out our commitment to involving family members in creating care packages for their loved ones.

 “At Havenmere, we empower our residents and ensure that family members are involved in that process.

“We have a strong team here, and really provide a positive environment that people love to work and live in every day. Well done to everyone, a fully deserved acknowledgment by the CQC.”


For more information about Havenmere and Exemplar Health Care’s 25 other homes around the Yorkshire, North West, East and West Midlands regions, go to www.exemplarhc.com