Havenmere has a new sensory skylight!

20 November 2019

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The foyer at Havenmere, our complex needs care home in Immingham, has been brightened up by a new sensory skylight – thanks to a colleague’s fundraising efforts.

Walk into Havenmere and you’ll see a beautiful lit-up, four-panel ceiling, showing a sunny blue sky with trees, colourful balloons, and a plane passing overhead.

The home's team feel the sensory skylight will bring some needed sunlight for the looming winter days.

The skylight’s thanks to Darren Seward, Havenmere’s part-time activites coordinator. Back in August, Darren raised a whopping £1,300 for our service users by doing a sponsored skydive.

Some of the money raised was spent on the skylight.

Journey back to health

It’s been a journey for Darren.

Back in 2005, he had a serious road traffic accident which left him with a head injury.

He spent 8 months in a coma, followed by just over a year in Grimsby hospital, a year in rehab, followed by three years of intensive rehab at home.

As Darren got better, he slowly progressed to doing voluntary work. Then, last year, he was offered and took the position as a part-time activities coordinator at Havenmere.


“Since working both as a volunteer and a part time staff member, my life has been transformed,” says Darren.

“I’m treated with respect and trusted whilst still finding my feet within a working environment,” he adds.

To his colleagues, he says: “You guys have encouraged me, supported and advised me in so many ways.”

‘A bit of a star’

“He’s a bit of a star, the lad Darren,” says Diane Howden, Havenmere’s Home Manager.

She says the sensory skylight has really brightened up the foyer. The skylight's pictured plane is accompanied by a parachutist – in a nod to Darren’s skydive.

“Our service users spend a fair amount of time there, but it was always slightly dark,” Diane adds.

“The skylight has made a real difference to the ambience – and it’s become a talking point when people walk in.”

Watch Darren’s skydive back in August:

Havenmere, which is home to 31 service users, also provides a transitional care pathway through the Bridgeway unit.

The Bridgeway unit consists of a six bedroom apartment and two one-bed apartments.

As an extended care pathway, Bridgeway accommodates those returning to life in the community, or is a way into care for people with a progressive condition who may not yet require complex nursing care.