Fairburn Mews’ residents seal New Year resolutions in specially personalised boxes

3 January 2019

New year boxes

In celebration of New Year, residents at our Castleford home Fairburn Mews, have worked with the home’s activities team to think of the things they would like to do or achieve in 2019, write them down and place in a specially personalised box. 

Designed by Fairburn Mews’ residents, the boxes have been handed to the home’s activities team who will now work through each person’s wishes and use the ideas to create a yearlong activities plan based around the ideas.

Beverly Blythe, activities team leader at Fairburn Mews, said: “It’s going to be a very busy year but one that has been totally planned by those who live at Fairburn Mews.  

“Residents and team members are all excited about the boxes. There has even been a bit of friendly competition as to who has the best designed box and who will be able to achieve the most in 2019.

“We are aiming high and hope to achieve at least one of the bigger life events from each box over the year.

Fairburn Mews’ New Year boxes add to Exemplar Health Care’s commitment to ensuring that the specialist care we provide is completely person-centred. This means that we really take the time to listen to people, find out their needs and wants, and do our best to make things happen.

Fairburn Mews is one of Exemplar Health Care’s 26 specialist care homes from across the Yorkshire and Humber, North West, East Midlands and West Midlands regions. Fairburn Mews specialises in providing specialist care in neuro-disability, brain injury and stroke, mental health conditions and complex dementia.

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