Making every day better for adults with complex needs: David's story

3 June 2021

David, a care home resident, standing with support from staff

When David moved to Greenside Court, he was on a PEG feed, was unable to stand, his vision was limited and he spent a lot of time sleeping in bed. The team at our care home in Greasbrough worked with David to identify his personal goals and support his rehabilitation, and over time, his health and wellbeing has improved.


Eating independently

One of David’s main goals was to eat a normal diet independently.

Since moving to the home, David has had his PEG feed removed and eats a normal diet with minimal assistance, often feeding himself.

Individualised exercise programme

Our Therapy Team has worked with David to increase his leg strength and muscle tone through an individualised exercise programme. When David first moved to Greenside Court, we set a goal to stand for a couple of minutes at a time. 

David can now stand on the Sarah Steady for more than ten minutes, freely without the need to hold on to retain his balance. 

This means that he no longer requires the support of a hoist to get out of bed – he can manoeuvre himself into position and transfer via the Sarah Steady.

Communication skills

When David moved to Greenside Court, his field of vision was restricted and he was unable to focus on most things.

Our Life Skills Team has worked with David and he’s now able to focus more with guidance and concentration.

He enjoys singing full songs and remembers all of the lyrics, so much so that he came third in the Exemplar’s Got Talent competition in 2020.

Earlier this year, we set a goal for David to write his name and other words. At first his writing was illegible, however with concentration and focus, it is becoming clearer on a weekly basis.

Looking to the future

We’re proud of the progress that David has made and his determination, and set new goals on a regular basis to continue to support his rehabilitation. 

Kim Payne, Home Manager at Greenside Court, shares: "Setting individual goals for each resident is fundamental to their development and rehabilitation. Goals are designed and adapted to meet their needs and best interests.

"We’re delighted that David has come a long way with the goals that we set, and look forward to working with him on his rehabilitation journey."

Specialist nursing care with Exemplar Health Care 

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