Complex care after a brain injury: Paul's story

30 March 2021

Paul has a brain injury and lives at Dearnevale

Exemplar Health Care specialises in providing specialist nursing care for people with brain injuries. We work closely with families and other professionals to aid recovery and support people on their rehabilitation journey.

An acquired brain injury (ABI) is brain damage caused by events after birth, rather than part of a genetic or congenial disorder.

An ABI can result in cognitive, physical, emotional or behavioural impairments (or any combination of these) that lead to permanent or temporary changes in functioning.

They can result from either traumatic brain injury, such as accidents, head injury or neurosurgery, or non-traumatic injury, such as stroke, brain tumour, infection or substance misuse.

Paul’s story

Paul moved into our Dearnevale care home in Barnsley following a brain injury.

With the support of the Care Team at the home, he now enjoys home visits, shopping trips for his favourite beer and challenging colleagues to a game of Dominoes.

Paul attributes a big part of his rehabilitation and recovery to his wonderful support team at Dearnevale.

He shares: “Over the last six years, I feel like my life has improved significantly - my behaviour has changed and my anger outbursts are now under control. I appreciate everything that everyone does for me.”

The Life Skills Team at the home supports Paul to continue doing the things that he loves.

“I used to like playing football before my brain injury, and now I enjoy following Leeds United, which the team helps me to do. I also love going on home visits and spending time with my family.

“The staff support me in many different ways, from assisting me with personal hygiene to walking to the shops for my favourite beer.

Over the next 12 months Paul would like to gain more stability to be able to move into supported living, and his long term goal is to be able to walk independently.

Acquired brain injury care

Exemplar Health Care specialises in providing specialist nursing care and rehabilitation for people with brain injuries.

Our approach to care focuses on maximising independence, building everyday living skills and empowering people to live as fulfilled lives as possible.

We work with individuals, their loved ones and professionals to design a care plan that’s tailored to their goals.

Our specialist teams work with people to increase their functional abilities including movement, speech and emotional needs.

Holistic care

Our care homes have skilled in-house teams of Registered Nurses, Health Care Assistants and Life Skills Facilitators, with many also having in-house Therapists.

People also have access to Exemplar Health Care’s Consultant Psychiatrist and Behavioural Support Team.

This enables people to access holistic care with their health, social and emotional needs.

Rehabilitation journey

Our specialist teams support people through every step of their rehabilitation journey.

Many of our care homes also have OneCare services which provide a step-out service to more independent living.

The services are a mix of single and shared occupancy houses and flats that are nearby to our care homes.

This means that people can access specialist nursing care and clinical intervention from a known team, in a more independent living environment.

Additional needs

Many people with brain injuries also have further complex needs, such as epilepsy, diabetes or behaviours of concern.

Our nurse-led teams work with people to help them to manage these needs, and progress on their path to independence. 

Get in touch about brain injury rehabilitation support

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