Championing ‘Dignity Action Day’ in our homes

5 February 2019


Residents and care teams from Birmingham home Maypole Grove, Barnsley home Dearnevale and Castleford home Fairburn Mews have taken part in national awareness day, Dignity Action Day which took place on Friday 1 February.

The national day aims to raise awareness around advocating dignity for everyone, and to mark the event, some of Exemplar Health Care’s homes have held workshops, become dignity champions and set up a dignity drop in café.

Vivvi, Activities Coordinator at Maypole Grove said: “Throughout January we got involved and organised dignity workshops for service users.

“Together, we discussed what dignity means to our service users and how they would like to be treated. Inspired by these conversations, service users and staff created individual artwork to capture the messages of dignity.

“Service users chose their favourite quotes and made their works of art based on them. In these photos people are proudly showing their paintings and telling their messages to staff.”

Bev, Activities Coordinator at Fairburn Mews, said: “Service users and staff pledged to become ‘Dignity Champions’ to mark the day. One service user from each unit pledged to take on the dignity challenge. Our domestic team are all signed up too.

“Thanks everyone for taking time out of your day to sign up and making our home a happy home where we respect each other and treat each other as we would like to be treated ourselves.”

Dearnevale care team members and residents celebrated and discussed Dignity Action Day and what it means to them by having a ‘dignity drop in café’. Dearnevale service user Janet made people toasties, coffee and handed out buns.

At Exemplar Health Care we pride ourselves in putting the dignity of the people who live and work in our homes first. We strive to make every day better for everyone we care for. Many of our nursing-led homes have a Dignity Champion who is responsible for maintaining dignity standards across their home, and reminding everyone that it is so important.