Specialist nursing care following a brain injury: Adam’s story

2 September 2021

Adam who lives at Willowbeck care home

Adam lives at our Willowbeck care home in Sheffield. In his early 20’s, his drink was spiked and he woke up from a coma, in hospital, three months later, only being able to communicate through blinking. With the support of the in-house specialist team at Willowbeck, Adam lives a fulfilling life and enjoys his role as Service User Ambassador.

In his early 20’s, Adam was an independent and sociable young man who lived in his own flat with his dog, Storm. One night, he went to a house party and, as soon as he got there, was greeted with a drink. Sadly, this drink had been spiked and Adam woke up from a coma three months later in hospital.

Eventually, he moved onto a rehabilitation ward and spent nine months working on his mobility and communication.

Adam has lived at a few different care homes since leaving the ward, but has found that they haven’t been able to meet his needs.

Moving to Willowbeck care home

Last year, Adam moved to Willowbeck care home in Sheffield and he’s making great progress on his journey and enjoys a fulfilling life there.  

The in-house Physiotherapy Team supports Adam to rebuild his strength and mobility, and the Life Skills Team supports him to use as assisted speech programme on his iPad to communicate.

He shares: “It was the best thing I ever did moving here. The staff are amazing, the management are easy to reach and the physio is very good - you can laugh with them.

“This is my home and I’m not treated like a resident. It’s so homely and I am involved with activities so I am always busy. I am able to get around the home by myself and I feel really independent and supported.”

Being a Service User Ambassador

Adam’s also the Service User Ambassador at the home, and attends meetings to discuss any changes and improvements that residents want to make.

He told us: “I’m one of the Tuck Shop Assistants here at Willowbeck. I wanted to do this role because it’ll really help me to step into a volunteering role in the community and get back to working again.

“I attended an interview - I was nervous but Michelle from the Activities Team told me I was brilliant in my interview and that I answered questions very well. She told me that I could smash any interview.

“We have a rota for the tuck shop and I share the role with two other service users. I work on Monday and Tuesday afternoons and I am always ready and punctual for my shift.

“I have also signed up for college were I will study maths and accounts. I will certainly be able to make sure the tuck shop books balance then!”

“Willowbeck has been welcoming”

“Willowbeck has been welcoming to me and I am happy. I cannot thank everyone enough for being amazing!”

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