Alison’s rehabilitation journey after a brain injury

22 March 2021

Alison moved into Fairburn Vale care home in Castleford following a hypoglycaemic brain injury

Alison moved to Fairburn Vale care home in Castleford following a hypoglycaemic brain injury. With the support of the Nurse-led team at the home, Alison has developed her everyday living skills and is now ready to move into a supported flat at our Kingfisher View home.

Alison moved to Fairburn Vale following a hypoglycaemic brain injury which resulted in her displaying extreme behaviours of concern.

Over the past few years, the team at Fairburn Vale has supported Alison to build her independence and develop her everyday living skills.

Now, Alison feels ready and confident to transition to Kingfisher View, another Exemplar Health Care home which has individual and shared apartments.

Behavioural support

When Alison first moved into Fairburn Vale, she displayed behaviours of concern that were often extreme, and she didn’t engage with colleagues or other service users in the home.

The high staffing levels and consistent Care Team at the home have enabled Alison to work at her own pace and build trust with the team that supports her, which has reduced the frequency and duration of these incidents.

Maximising independence

This has supported Alison and the team to build a strong and trusting relationship, which has really motivated Alison – she now enjoys chatting to colleagues and joins in activities in the home.

Our in-house Occupational Therapists and Life Skills Team have worked with Alison to build her independent living skills, and she is now confident making simple meals and drinks, doing her own washing and making her bed.

Rehabilitation journey

Recently, Alison expressed that she wants to become even more independent and move into her own apartment.

The team at Fairburn Vale are working with Alison and her Case Manager to support her to move into our Kingfisher View home, which has individual and shared flats that promote independence, whilst still providing one-to-one nursing care when needed.

A bright future

Katie Leonard, Home Manager at Fairburn Vale shares: “We’re delighted to see the progress that Alison has made in achieving her goals.

“It’s great that Exemplar Health Care can support people on their rehabilitation journey, from one-to-one specialist nursing care to living in an individual or shared flat with the support of a Care Team.”

About Fairburn Vale care home in Castleford

Fairburn Vale is a specialist care home that supports people living with complex and high acuity needs.

The home has two 10-bed units which specialise in supporting people with neurological conditions including brain injury and stroke, complex mental health and physical disabilities.

We support people on their rehabilitation journey, as well as offering longer term support for people living with degenerative or life-limiting illnesses.

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