NAPPI Non Abusive Psychological and Pyhsical Interventions

To provide the very best care, we follow the very best practices.

NAPPI UK (Non Abusive Psychological & Physical Interventions) is a tool we use to assess safely and manage confused, unpredictable, and aggressive people. 

We also follow the SMART approach. The Sensory Modality Assessment Rehabilitation Techniques, a well-proven clinical tool used for the assessment and rehabilitation of people with disorders of consciousness following a severe head injury. Good assessment helps our staff to develop strategies which can prevent the ‘unpredictable’ behaviour. We can deliver high-quality care to people who display challenging behaviour.

By getting to know the person, we can put strategies in place to support them socially, productively and recreationally which reduces the risk of challenging behaviour developing. Training ensures that we can manage the most out-of-control behaviour in a safe, fast, efficient and supportive manner. By utilising highly effective yet non-abusive skills with minimum impact, we are able to maintain a therapeutic relationship with the individuals.

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