Michaela's story: Why I'm a team leader

Team Leader at Fairburn Mews

One of Exemplar Health Care’s longest serving employees, Michaela Dytham, has worked in the company for 16 years – 13 of them in Fairburn Mews in Castleford, which is home to 20 service users.

Reflecting on what brought her into care in the first place, Michaela says that caring is just part of her personality: “I’ve always been that way. I love it"

After leaving her job as teaching assistant in a special needs school, Michaela started as a care assistant in a nearby Exemplar Health Care, care home in Castleford. She’s now worked her way up to be a team leader, and has received an Exemplar Health Care Dedication award.

"The job is challenging and there is always something different going on. Everyone works together and we have a really good team. I wouldn’t want to work anywhere else, I like it as it is and I find people really interesting."

Over her 16 years in care, Michaela’s learned to make speedy decisions. “My biggest lesson was: I used to be really indecisive. But, I’ve learned as I’ve gone along, that sometimes you’ve just got to do it. And now I’m team leader, I just go and do it.”

Working with service users every day provides many heartwarming stories. One story was the case of a dementia patient in her 60s.

“When she first came in, she felt she was not in control of herself. She used to say she’d never be able to lead a normal life again. But she did - she went back to live at home. It was heartwarming just to think: ‘You know, I’ve been part of that!’”

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