Mental Health

A person-centred approach to mental health support


Our goal is to help those with mental health and behavioural needs to live their lives as independently as possible, although the ability to do this varies dramatically from person to person. That’s why we believe a one-size fits all approach simply won’t do.

Mental health symptoms are typically categorised as ‘neurotic’ or ‘psychotic’.  Neurotic symptoms are more extreme expressions of everyday emotional experiences such as depression.  Psychotic symptoms interfere with a person’s perception of reality such that, for example, they see, feel or hear things that no one else can.

So what can we do?

We believe in person-centred care, with a personalised delivery of services and support, at just the right time. We encourage people to use long and short-term goals to maintain and regain skills. And while we have all the expertise in place to offer all the support individuals need, when friends, families and carers get involved too, the benefits are magnified.

Being flexible in our approach is essential to making a real difference to those in our care. Our individual assessment process highlights any particular requirements dictating staffing levels, including one-to-one support where needed, and any special adaptions needed to our homes.

Conditions we cater for include

– Huntington’s Disease
– Early Onset Dementia
– Schizophrenia
– Personality disorder

We also care for people with behavioural needs which may stem from:

– Acquired brain injury
– Post-traumatic stress disorder

Individual care plans

To ensure we have the right support and can offer the most life enhancing services, we carry out person-centred care assessments. We then create individual care plans for them.

We regularly review and adapted to suit the individuals ever changing needs. We encourage service users to be part of these meetings to help them shape their future.

Enjoying an active social life

Our dedicated activity staff know how to pack a lot into a day. With their tailor-made activities programmes, everyone in our care is encouraged and inspired to get involved with the local community, visit libraries, gyms, hairdressers, community centres, support groups and local colleges.

The right people. The right environment

Our multi-skilled team of Registered Nurses, including those specially trained in general nursing, mental health and learning disabilities, to accommodate the complex needs of our services users.

It’s important to point out that our facilities are not hospitals. We do not detain individuals under the mental health act, however during a period of transition, we can accept people on section 17 leave and often work with individuals who are subject to Community Treatment Orders and Guardianship Orders.