Parkinson’s Disease

Parkinson’s disease is a complex neuro-disability, caused by a reduction in the chemical dopamine as a result of dead nerve cells. This chemical should send messages to the brain which coordinate movement; with the loss of these cells, parts of the brain begin to cease working causing Parkinson’s disease symptoms to show.

Parkinson’s disease affects individuals in different ways and at different speeds. Symptoms include physical difficulties such as tremors, difficulties swallowing and balance issues; as well as difficulties such as anxiety, depressions and hallucinations, requiring mental health care.

Following an assessment and transfer to an Exemplar care home, our multi-disciplinary disability care teams will work with individuals to produce a care and goals plan, personal to their needs.

As the condition progresses, so does our level of care; nursing staff are flexible with their approach and adapt their skills to suit specific situations and needs. Nursing care staff are trained to manage the complex behaviours associated with Parkinson’s, provide emotional support and supply medication where and when required.

Exemplar’s OneCare services provide a care pathway built around an individual and their needs. An individual may require support to simply take medication while their condition is still self-manageable, and as the condition progresses, so can their level of care until it is necessary to move into the care home itself. This allows people with long-term conditions to remain independent for longer.

Dementia is a condition often brought on by the progression of Parkinson’s disease. It is important to keep an individual’s mind stimulated and brain active so their independence and life skills can be maintained for as long as possible.

The Service User Engagement and Activities teams provide individual and group activities, which form a part of a healthy, balanced life. Activities include sensory and exploratory tasks, which focus on skills and interests developed throughout an individual’s life, as well as relaxation and physical activities.

Exemplar Health Care provides nursing care in a positive, home-from-home, supportive environment. Friends and family are encouraged to be involved in a service user’s care and support plans, which are developed with service users themselves. Everyone we care for is at the centre of their own care – another way we make every day better.