We care for people with the complex symptoms of neuro-disabilities, dealing with the physical, mental and psychological symptoms. When independence is no longer possible we work to preserve family relationships, allowing families quality time to come to terms with conditions.

People are affected by neuro-disabilities in different ways. Some may have to adjust to a reduced physical ability to manage everyday tasks. For others, it may be living with the effects of reducing and declining intellectual ability.

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Case study

Valerie came to Exemplar with very challenging behaviour and severe self-neglect. In addition to Huntington’s disease, Valerie was severely underweight, had underlying mental health needs including agoraphobia and had isolated herself from friends and family. It was initially determined that Valerie was entering the end stage of her illness and would need end-of-life care.

Over time, a breakthrough came when Valerie requested a shower and a new hairstyle. Encouraged to expand her surroundings, she began spending time in the garden and leaving the home for visits. Valerie now enjoys 1:1 drives and local shopping trips with a team member. She lives in the same home and is enjoying a true quality of life.

Specialist care which restores choices

Exemplar’s purpose-built homes and OneCare extended care pathways are caring and welcoming environments. OneCare services provide a further rehabilitation pathway for people recovering from a brain injury or stroke. These specially adapted individual houses and flats are located very close or attached to the main home. OneCare services allow individuals to live with a much greater level of independence, with care and support available as required, depending on a person’s unique needs.

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At Exemplar, we support people with neuro-disabilities to live life to the full. We offer a variety of services including physiotherapy, speech and language therapy, seating assessments, long term placements and occupational therapy to increase independence.

As a person’s condition degenerates we reduce the impact on their life as much as we can. A person may lose the ability to walk, talk or communicate in usual ways, but we work to restore choices to make sure they are still able to get the most out of life.

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