Exemplar provides neuro-disability care to individuals with a wide range of neurological disabilities. Congenital and acquired disabilities such as cerebral palsy, motor-neurone disease and Huntington’s disease are supported by specialists within the group.

Neuro-disabilities affect individuals in different ways; some individuals may have to adjust to life with reduced physical abilities as a result of their condition, and others may be living with the impact of declining intellectual ability. Whatever the complex care needs, Exemplar supports individuals to live have choices and live fulfilling lives.

Exemplar offers a variety of specialist care services including neuro-rehabilitation, physiotherapy, speech and language therapy and occupational therapy to increase a person’s independence and develop or maintain life skills.

Supporting and encouraging individuals to re-learn or maintain function skills is imperative to a person’s independence. Working with individuals in a supportive environment where they feel relaxed and safe means a person can more easily reach their personal goals.

Exemplar’s personalised care plans allows our specialist neuro care teams to focus on areas the service user and their family members, in conjunction with therapists and clinicians have agreed are achievable and motivational in both the long and short-term.

Exemplar care homes are highly experienced in providing care for a wide range of neuro-disabilities, including: