Learning disability nursing

Learning disabilities are complex and unique to individuals. People may find it extremely difficult to develop certain skills others take for granted, or understand large amounts of information or interact with others. The ability to carry out everyday tasks such as cooking, cleaning or managing money may be reduced. Complex and profound learning disability can, without adequate support, hold individuals back, or further discourage them from living independently.

Exemplar Health Care provides learning disability care with nursing, encouraging individuals to develop the skills and independence they need to enjoy a meaningful life.

Our specialist multi-disciplinary care teams work with individuals, to develop a personalised care and goals plan, supporting people throughout their journey. Goals may include:

  • participating in social activities
  • accessing education or volunteering
  • developing daily living skills
  • developing positive self-esteem

To ensure individuals are placed into the right care home, we conduct a pre-admission assessment. This looks at the compatibility between the individual requiring care at the home, and those already living there; as well as the potential fit into the local community.

At this stage, we find out as much about the person as possible to ensure we can support their existing routine, as this can be vital to a successful care home placement. We assess, and maintain existing relationships, activities and interests where possible. This limits the disruption to a person’s life and promotes physical, psychological, emotional health and wellbeing.