Autism & learning disability nursing

A learning disability is often complex. Some individuals may have reduced ability to manage everyday activities such as household tasks, socialising or managing money. For others, the learning disability may be part of other physical and emotional conditions, and individuals may receive more than one diagnosis.

Exemplar supports individuals with a learning disability to live their lives as they choose. We do this by creating personalised care in a vibrant and positive atmosphere. In our homes, successes are celebrated and confidence and dignity are supported. We believe in encouraging families, carers and friends to visit regularly and be part of a person’s life.

The right people. The right environment

When it comes to helping those with autism and learning disabilities achieve their full potential, having the right people in the right environment is the key to success. Everyone is different, so we adapt our approaches to suit each individual.

It starts with person-centred planning, creating a plan with the individual which includes their aspirations, beliefs, strengths and needs. From this, we make sure all the right support and services are in place. Health action plans are an important part of this too. We’ll plan for a person’s physical well being to ensure they are fit, healthy and happy.

To make sure our homes are the right place for an individual, we conduct a pre-admission assessment. We look at compatibility with people already living in our homes and how a person will integrate into the local community. It’s also important to ensure we can support a person’s existing routine, as this can be vital to a successful placement. We assess, and maintain where possible, existing relationships, activities and interests. This limits the disruption to a person’s life and promotes physical, psychological, emotional health and wellbeing.

The transition process

We work hard to make the transition from home, or another setting as stress-free as possible.

Once a placement has been agreed we’ll start working with a person to introduce them slowly to their new environment. As confidence grows, we’ll invite them to visit for a meal, then a day, followed by an overnight stay and then for a weekend. The individual sets the pace so they can come to Exemplar happy, confident and relaxed.