Enduring mental healthcare

Exemplar Health Care provides individuals with support for a range of mental health conditions, within a supportive and encouraging environment.

Our nurse-led care homes provide the right environment for those with long-term mental health care needs, including schizophrenia and severe affective disorders.

Enduring mental ill-health can often leave individuals unable to properly care for themselves, or sustain positive relationships with family and friends. This is where we can help; our specialist care staff work hard to understand an individual’s condition and behaviours so the right care and nursing can be provided.

Exemplar Health Care’s person-centred approach ensures those living with complex mental health conditions are encouraged and empowered to manage their own behaviours and work towards developing and sustaining their independence and personal relationships .

Care support workers at Exemplar develop positive therapeutic relationships; encouraging service users to express their concerns, build an understanding of their condition and over time, identify solutions to overcome barriers they may have.

Exemplar’s specialist teams are skilled in minimising individual’s risk of relapse and we have extensive experience in caring for individuals who have suffered placement breakdowns with other providers. Our skilled and dedicated specialist care teams quickly recognise changes in an individual’s behaviour and act in a timely manner, minimising possible outbursts and risk of safety to the service user, or others around them.

Caring for individuals with mental health care needs can be challenging. Individuals present many different complex behaviours. Our skilled teams understand how to manage these behaviours and support individuals to work towards living with more independence. It’s what Exemplar does best.

Exemplar Health Care does not detain individuals under the Mental Health Act 1974. During a period of transition – such as from an acute provider to an Exemplar care home, individuals under Section 17 or subject to Community Treatment Orders and Guardianship Orders are welcome.