Enduring mental healthcare

Exemplar supports individuals with long-term mental health needs including schizophrenia and severe affective disorders. We can help when the symptoms are to such a degree that the person experiences a substantial impairment, such as an inability to care for themselves independently, sustain relationships or work.
The people we help care for tend to display prominent and severe symptoms, and, like everyone, they’ll be prone to some ups and downs. Our experienced teams can support individuals who have experienced relapses of their condition, intervention and admission to acute mental health services and those who may be a risk to their own safety or that of others. We aim to minimise these relapses and admissions to other mental health services. Our skilled and dedicated team quickly recognise the change in presentation and act in a decisive and timely manner to minimize the impact of those changes.
At our homes, we promote positive therapeutic relationships with the help of carefully chosen professionals who share our empathy and understanding. We work hard to earn the trust of individuals in our care, allowing them to express their concerns, negotiate options, and build an understanding of their condition. Between us, and over time, we help individuals to overcome barriers, identify solutions, and establish control over their lives.

A person-centred approach to mental health support

Our goal is to help those with mental health and behavioural needs to live their lives as independently as possible, although the ability to do this varies dramatically from person to person.

We believe in person-centred care, with a personalised delivery of services and support, at just the right time. We encourage people to use long and short-term goals to maintain and regain skills. While we have all the expertise in place to offer all the support individuals need, when friends, families and carers get involved too, the benefits are magnified.
Being flexible in our approach is essential to making a real difference to those in our care. Our assessment process highlights any particular requirements dictating staffing levels, including one-to-one support where needed, and any special adaptations needed to our homes.
In addition to caring for individuals with schizophrenia, personality and affective disorders, we also care for those with behavioural needs which may stem from acquired brain injuries and post-traumatic stress disorder.
Exemplar does not detain individuals under the Mental Health Act. However, during a period of transition we can accept individuals on Section 17 leave as well as working with individuals who are subject to Community Treatment Orders and Guardianship Orders.