Complex dementia care

The vast spectrum of dementia disorders can often present challenging and unpredictable behaviour, but whatever a person’s symptoms, our approach puts the emphasis on them, rather than the illness and the challenges it presents.

We take time to understand each person’s life story and build up a deep understanding of each individual, supporting what they can do and looking for opportunities to build on their strengths to give them a sense of purpose and achievement.

We want them to take part in activities that address their physical, mental and social needs. This can include:

  • Everyday tasks such as cooking or gardening
  • Talking, doing games and puzzles
  • Supporting people with hobbies
  • Holidays and lots of family support

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Case study

Iris lives with a range of physical disabilities and advanced dementia. Her symptoms are very complex and she needs specialist 24-hour 1:1 care. Having had previous placements in homes fail – she would often become distressed and would scratch at her skin. 

Then her social worker secured a placement with Exemplar at Longley Park View and, with the right care and support, Iris has made great progress. The team were able to stop her damaging behaviours by adapting her clothing, as well as developing activities tailored to Iris’s interests. With the diversion of being involved in activities that she enjoys, Iris doesn’t get distressed as often and so is able to live a happier, more fulfilling life.

“After just a few short months in her new home, Iris, who lives with very complex dementia, is able to enjoy mealtimes in the dining room, eating with a knife and fork – something I never dreamt would happen.”

Social worker, Sheffield



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Strong relationships are fundamental to well-being and happiness and we work closely with families and loved ones, offering support and advice and help them to adapt and manage their particular circumstances. This can be particularly challenging with early on-set dementia, which affects people at a younger age and can create a complex range of challenges where a person may still be working or supporting a family while coming to terms with their illness.

Whatever the symptoms, Exemplar’s focus is always a person-centred approach to care. We care for individuals with extensions of early-onset dementia including:

  • Picks disease
  • Korsakoff syndrome
  • Charles Bonnet syndrome
  • Dementia with Lewy bodies
To speak to our specialist team about complex dementia care within Exemplar care homes:
    Call: 01709 565 777     Email the referrals team     Submit an enquiry form