Complex dementia care

Dementia is a growing condition, often associated with growing old. However, dementia can affect anyone, at any age.

Complex dementia is a neurological condition, which causes a decline in an individual’s ability to think, communicate and remember things as others can. The Alzheimer’s society estimates there to be roughly 42,000 individuals living with early-onset dementia: that’s more than 5% more than those with the more common form of dementia.


Young adults – typically 18 to 30 – are often fitter and healthier than those who are middle to old age, which makes it difficult for them to accept and understand the changes happening to them.

As the condition begins at a younger age, an individuals condition worsens as they age, often leading to challenging and unpredictable behaviour, as well as developing cognitive challenges.

Exemplar is here for when the symptoms become too much for families to manage; our specialist nurses and dementia care staff are trained to look out for challenging situations and know how to effectively manage the emotions and fears brought with the condition.

Multi-disciplinary care teams work with individuals and neurologists to maintain or develop life skills, cognitive movements and independence. Engagement teams provide stimulating education and activity sessions, which encourage learning, behavioural management and coping with the emotional aspect of early-onset dementia.

Whatever the symptoms, Exemplar’s focus is always a person-centred approach to care. We care for individuals with extensions of early-onset dementia including:

  • Picks disease
  • Korsakoff syndrome
  • Charles Bonnet syndrome
  • Dementia with Lewy bodies