Brain Injury and stroke rehabilitation

Brain injuries are complex conditions affecting an individual’s mental and physical functions. For people living with either an acquired or traumatic brain injury, Exemplar Health Care provides brain injury rehabilitation - whatever the needs..

Acquired brain injuries can be the result of an injury to the brain at birth, or as a result of stroke, haemorrhage or encephalitis. Traumatic brain injuries develop after a physical trauma such as a car accident, fall or assault.

Brain injuries can affect any individual, at any age. No two brain injuries present the same difficulties to individuals, which is why our specialist care teams provide a range of therapies to aid brain injury rehabilitation including speech and language, physiotherapy and occupational therapy to ensure service users are supported to achieve their recovery goals.

Specialist multi-disciplinary teams take a positive approach to care and recovery. They work to maintain and develop a person’s cognitive and functional abilities through rehabilitation. Rehabilitation is a key part of an individual’s care plan, with goals that may include a full recovery or ability to live a more an independent life with the right level of support.

In additional to providing care, support and rehabilitation to those living with acquired or traumatic brain injuries, Exemplar provides specialist care to those who have suffered a stroke and spinal injuries. As with a brain injury, stroke and spinal injury can present individuals with a broad range of complex physical, behavioural and social difficulties.

Our experienced staff understand the effect brain injuries, stroke and spinal injuries have not only on the individual, but for their families too. Specialist staff members play an active role in 1-to-1 support and social activities, depending on the needs of service users. This active role ensures staff know and understand the individual in their care, including responding positively to any complex challenging behaviours and encouraging people to reach their goals.

Many service users who have come to an Exemplar care home have regained their functional skills to the extent that they have moved into a OneCare service, a shared house or flat where a person can live with more independence. OneCare services are for those individuals who are able to live a more independent life, but may still require occasional support from care staff.

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