Choosing Exemplar

When you choose an Exemplar home, you’re choosing one of the leading providers of specialist nursing home care in the UK.

Over the past 20 years, Exemplar has established a reputation for delivering quality outcomes for  service users by partnering with NHS commissioners and social care funders. We pride ourselves on the quality of our service, our staff, our facilities and the excellent care we deliver.

Our purpose is to make every day better for everyone we care for and work with. Care commissioners, families and residents trust our experienced approach which is developed around people and their unique needs, goals and desired outcomes.

Exemplar is passionate about helping people to improve their health and well-being by delivering truly person-centred care and achieving high-quality clinical outcomes. 


Making every day better for two decades 

Exemplar was established in 1999 as a training company providing adaptation courses for overseas nurses. Frustrated seeing young adults with complex care needs being placed in care homes for the elderly, Exemplar decided to focus the business on providing more appropriate nurse-led care facilities, where people could be supported to live life to the fullest.

In 2003, Exemplar opened Greenside Court, its first purpose-built home. It quickly became clear that this specialist service for younger adults made a significant difference to the lives of people living with neuro-disabilities, brain injury, stroke, Huntington’s disease, learning disability and other complex needs.

Since then, Exemplar expanded across Yorkshire & the Humber, the North West and the Midlands to provide ever more specialist homes where people are supported to maintain and develop their independence and live better lives.

Today, Exemplar operates 26 specialist nursing homes, providing over 750 placements for people with complex disabilities.

2019 – Exemplar’s biggest year yet

During our 20th anniversary year, Exemplar is opening new homes in the North West and Yorkshire, further expanding our expertise and high quality care. 

In Yorkshire, Kingfisher View in Castleford opens in April, followed by Copperfields, a new service in Leeds in September. In the North West, Brook View in Liverpool is set to open in June, followed by Ribble View in Preston during November.